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Are you looking for Lawn Service in Sydney? Get the best Lawn Mowing Service in Sydney with us!

We have

If you need professional lawn Service, Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weed treatment, garden care, maintenance, rubbish removal, landscaping, or yard clean-up services – we have you covered! With multiple teams across Sydney, we do our best to find a spot for you even on short notice and get your yard up to speck.

Add in our upfront, flat rate pricing – meaning you don’t have to worry about your quote constantly changing. Then tack on our full-time support team available via text, call, or email – and you have unparalleled service.

Remember, all of our teams are fully trained, have a current police check, and are fully insured.

Catcher Mowing

This technique involves using a catcher on the mower to collect clippings. These can either be added to your compost or removed for a small cost. Catcher mowing leaves your lawn clear of debris and looking great.

Mulch Mowing

Mulch mowing is a technique used where grass clippings are cut extra finely and returned to the soil. This allows nutrients to be added back into the ground, improving the health of your lawn. Lawn mowing regularly will ensure not only a great yard but will assist in the rapid deterioration of clippings into the soil, due to the small size of clippings being produced. The practice can also be beneficial by protecting the soil beneath lawns from evaporation during the summer months.

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Young man mowing the lawn with lawnmower
Lawn mover on green grass. Machine for cutting lawns.

Lawn Mowing Sydney

A well-maintained lawn provides so many benefits such as heat reduction in homes, play and relaxation areas for families, and adding beauty to our homes. A regular lawn service gives your property a great look and feels and increases its appeal and value. A professional lawn mow can make all the difference to the presentation of your property.

We can do a one-off mow or maintain your lawn regularly for a worry-free, great-looking lawn. Every lawn mowing job includes trimming the edges, mowing the grass, and blowing down paths and driveways to ensure your property is left looking great! Our operators can either mulch or catch the clippings, read the benefits of each below.

Save time by giving us a call. Let us know what we should take a look at while we are completing our garden and lawn mowing services in Sydney and we will let you know what other jobs in the garden might need to be done.

We value customer feedback to continuously improve our service. You can find some of our most recently completed local work shown on our webpage.

Lawn Care Services Sydney

If you are googling for Lawncare in Sydney or Sydney Lawncare, Pro Service NSW is here to help you.

Choose from any of our professional lawn care services to be able to simply and easily have your gardens managed and grass mowed. Unsure what lawn mowing service or job you need to be done? We know time is short and life is busy in Australia and customers need to get their lawns mowed. Have a special request relating to your lawn mowing service, hedging, lawn cutting, lawn clippings disposal, or garden waste removal relating to your property? Visit us today for more information.


The grass in your yard can go a long way in enhancing the overall look of your home, not to mention that a neatly and proportionately mowed lawn looks serene and gives you peace of mind. And this is what we are here for. At Pro Service NSW, we possess the diligence, experience, and technology to provide you with fast, effective, and unique lawn maintenance services that are unmatched by our competitors.

It is important to understand that there are endless ways to take care of lawns, however, it is also a truism that in this fast-moving world, few people can take time out of their busy schedules and explicitly take care of their lawns. At Pro Service NSW, we can provide a workable and convenient garden / Lawn care and grass-cutting plan so that you don’t have to lift a finger to do anything.

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and high-quality lawn care service in Sydney.

Lawn mover on green grass. Machine for cutting lawns.

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